Voice User Interfaces

For e-Commerce, Websites, Apps, SAP ERP + S/4 HANA, CRM, PIM or Your Custom Business Software.

Alexa Skills Cortana Actions on Google

Conversational UI

AI-Based Chatbots for E-Commerce-Sites, Web and Business Applications.

Google Cloud AI api.ai Amazon Lex Amazon Polly Amazon AWS AI

New Brand Experiences

Reducing Complexity and Creating New Experiences Through Voice Applications for Well-Known Brands and Hidden Champions: B2C and B2B.

Innovation Workshops QA Experience Design Development

„ My five star review: DAVE 42 are amazing to work with. #voicefirst projection delivered with minimum issues. Big thank you guys!!! “

Andrew McGarry from FashionFixDaily.com

Hotel Room

Guests can reach out to Alexa or Google Assistent in their hotel rooms. This innovative experience allows guests to quickly find the answers they need about their hotel stay. They can control their hotel room appliances or reach out for room service.

„What is the check-out time?“


Full service for your employees, available at all times of the day: Check for meetings or receive notifications.

„Book a meeting room for 3 o'clock.“

Trade Fairs

Set up a voice assistant at a trade fair entrance or in a business lounge so your guests can easily find important information or access helpful services.

„Where is the Samsung booth?“


Connect voice assistants to delivery services or shopping systems (e.g. Magento, Spryker, Shopware). Create a new hands-free point-of-sales where products can be bought.

„Order a healthy meal for 4 people“

Health Care

Have a hands-free ordering system and an assistant for sterile environments. Doctors, surgeons and nurses can order consumables in the middle of surgery.

„Enroll patient into rehab program.“

News Outlets and Blogs

Interact with information and news in areas of life where - up until now - only passive consumption was possible. Your users can enjoy high-quality content during breakfast or while putting on their make-up, shaving, etc.

„What are the news in Frankfurt am Main?“

Apps for All Major Voice Interfaces

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Amazon Alexa

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Google Assistant

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Microsoft Cortana

Previous Projects:



Daily Briefing for UK Fashion-Blog. This included sketching out initial ideas, conversational design and technical realization as Amazon Alexa Skill. Includes the DAVE42 Performance Engine for quickly starting the skill and Google Analytics Conversion Tracking.

Maschinenringe Deutschland Weather

Maschinenring Deutschland

Development of a weather app with geolocation service as an Amazon Alexa Skill Prototype. The skill enables users to access the Maschinenring agricultural weather data for over 240 Maschinenring regions in Germany. This included implementing the access to the Maschinenring weather API, communication design, development and support.

Pippa & Jean

Pippa & Jean

Proof of Concept: A Digital Assistant for 'Style-Coaches' as an information point for sales, events, dates and contact requests.

Gong Meditation

Gong Meditation

Popular Amazon Alexa skill for customizable gong meditations. Users set the meditation length and define periods for gong sounds. This included the initial idea, conversation design and development.

Step 1
Innovation Workshop

Find the business potential for voice and chatbot experiences in your project. Identify and validate existing interfaces and opportunities for expansion.

Step 2
Prototype Development

One of our developer teams creates a first prototype. A carefully selected set of users tests the application through a structured process. We collect feedback and identify possibilities for optimizing and improving the conversation design.

Step 3
Feature Iterations

We extend the application iteratively. Each iteration is published as soon as it is ready. Iterations are prioritised according to their business value and each iteration goes through an in-depth quality control process before publication. Development is flexible and continuous and the voice experience will consistently improve.

Further Measures

MVP and Feature Launch

Certification process at Amazon / Google. Continuous publications of adaptions. Short time to market.

Feedback and AB Testing

Constant feedback from focus groups. Testing different user interface patterns and interface speeds.

Analytics and Optimization

Continuous evaluation of usage statistics, number-driven optimization. New features are prioritised by business value.

We also love to support you in the following areas:

You already have a voice interface,
but you are looking for new possibilities?

We check existing voice interfaces and bots together with you. We test their simplicity, usability, goal orientation, error rate and performance. From this analysis we derive a list of potential improvements to boost user experience and discuss further possibilities with you.

You have developers
who are interested in voice interfaces?

We bring our know-how to your developers through developer trainings. In a workshop for advanced developers, we equip them with the necessary knowledge about the development of complex applications, including the integration of 3rd-party interfaces.

You want to find out more about the performance of an existing skill?

We integrate analytics platforms like Google Analytics into your skills. We also walk you through any analysis results and we help you to derive information about tracking your conversion goals (e.g. call-backs, interactions).

You would like to enrich your support service and reduce load on your support team?

An individual chatbot has a lot of advantages for your business. We discuss possible applications like support or information systems and create concepts, a conversation design and guidelines for business integration.

Let's talk!

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We are a team of ambitioned software developers, ux experts, project managers and consultants. We contribute to the open source community and share our knowledge at conferences and in magazines.

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